El XV Fòrum d’Inversió d’ACC1Ó s’ha celebrat el 17 de juny dins l’àmbit del . L’esdeveniment ha estat un punt de únic entre innovadors amb gran potencial de creixement, les millors iniciatives empresarials de Catalunya i un gran nombre d’inversors i agents empresarials amb la finalitat de generar relacions a llarg termini i ampliar la seva cartera de contactes.

Successful entrepreneurial experiences Descarrega

Lluís Font. General Manager of NTR Global

has a wonderful environment to create international business and the talent to develop the next Google or Amazon in the city”

Lluís Font. General Manager of

Successful entrepreneurial experiences Descarrega

Carlos Buesa. General Manager of Oryzon Genomics

“It is possible to start a business with two people, get friends and family funding and be in a competitive position in the international scenario after a few years.”

Carlos Buesa. General Manager of .

Entrepreneurship, the best job in the world? Descarrega

Mark Tluszcz. Co-funder and Managing Partner of Mangrove Capital Partners.

“What makes a great entrepreneur is ambition, drive, fire and independence. Entrepreneurship is not a job, it has a lifestyle. It’s never been a better time to build companies.”

Mark Tluszcz. Co-funder and Managing Partner of .


Joint investments with local investors Descarrega

Xavier Lazarus. Partner of Elaia Partners.

“We are looking for three main benefits for partnership with local VCs (Venture Capital): the first one is they constitute a good filter to know whether the business profile matches the profile of the fund, the second one is they enable us to focus on business and not on legal specificities, and the third one is proximity.”

Xavier Lazarus. Partner of

Investment Readiness Descarrega

J.M. Echarri. Founding Partner of INVEREADY.

“Investment readiness is the capability of an entrepreneur to understand the needs of an investor and provide solutions to these needs by giving accurate information and generating trust. This is complicated in the Biotech sector, as entrepreneurs have to break some barriers that imply money and time.”

J.M. Echarri. Founding Partner of .

Specialization in the venture capital industry Descarrega

Josep Sanfeliu. Partner of Ysios Capital Partners.

“Venture Capital specialization can bring a lot of help to a company. With the right people on board, it means attracting partners and customers, which is important in the actual economic environment. On the other hand, the future investors value to see that someone with credibility has already invested in a project.”

Josep Sanfeliu. Partner of Ysios Capital Partners.

Tax incentives for BA Descarrega

Antoni Abad, Business Angel of XIP BANC

“The Catalan Government is ready to make a proposal on tax incentives addressed to Business Angels and related to IRPF (Income Tax for Citizens). This is a pioneering measure in Spain which will put pressure on other regional governments.”

. Business Angel of XIP BANC


Entrepreneurs with a global vision Descarrega

Javier Rubió. Founding Partner of Nauta capital.

is a good city to locate a business, but entrepreneurs must think beyond the local markets. Catalonia, or even Spain, is just too small. As Frank Sinatra sang: ‘If you make it there, you make it anywhere.”

Javier Rubió. Founding Partner of Nauta capital.

VC financing for international growth Descarrega

Òscar Farrés. Associate of Debaeque.

“To undertake an internationalization process gives a company access to bigger markets, scalabity in revenues and diversification of country risk, which is very important in the current economic environment.”

Òscar Farrés. VC financing for international growth.

Equity gap Descarrega

Ferran Lemus. CEO de BcnHigrowth.

“Venture capitalists must be very involved in the early stages, so they feel more comfortable with higher, investments as the probabilities of success are higher as well.”

Ferran Lemus. Director Executiu de BcnHigrowth.

Investing on the internet: 3 myths and 3 realities Descarrega

Mireia Mir. Business Angel of XIP IESE.

“Social media create high value and targeted inbound links to improve brand visibility in search engines. That’s why more than 88% marketers integrate social media in their marketing needs.”

Mireia Mir. Business Angel of XIP .


Cleantech / Renewable Energies sector, an emerging industry Descarrega

Anselm Adams. Partner of Demeter Partners.

“Water and waste management are particularly interesting industries for investors as they grow very quickly.”

Anselm Adams. Partner of Demeter Partners.

A balanced management team: key factors for success also in cleantech Descarrega

J.M. Tejada. Partner of Alta Partners.

“The Cleantech investment is clearly undergoing a period of transition because regulations have changed and capital markets have pulled back.”

J.M. Tejada. Partner of .

Infrastructures vs cleantech Descarrega

Sebastian Waldburg. Founding Partner of Si Capital

“Renewable energy infrastructures and cleantech are two different concepts. From an investment point of view, cleantech is much more exit driven.”

Sebastian Waldburg. Founding Partner of .

Tips for investing in cleantech and renewables Descarrega

Jordi Costa Business Angel of XIP ESADE

“Cleantech has two different areas of investment. first one is related to new technologies in power generation, recycling or water treatment, for example. The second one has to do with infrastructures and renewables. My recommendation would be to put 10-20% of the money in technology and the rest in infrastructures.”

Jordi Costa. Business Angel of XIP .

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  1. sergi mora dice:

    Gràcies pel post.
    Com a coordinador del XV Fòrum d’Inversió m’agrada veure que hi ha blogs que parlen de nosaltres. Hem estat treballant 6 mesos per poder fer aquest Fòrum, i les enquestes de satisfacció diuen que més del 90% dels assistents recomanarien l’acte.

    Si teniu comentaris per millorar-lo l’any vinent, feu-los sisplau!

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